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first ocurrence using the term "Bisque" is "Bisque".
Bisque may refer to:Biscuit porcelain, unglazed porcelain as a finished product Bisque (pottery), a piece of partially fired, or "biscuit-fired" unglazed pottery Bisque doll, a doll made of bisque or biscuit porcelain Bisque (food), a thick, creamy soup made from puréed seafood or vegetables Bisque, a free turn in a handicap croquet match Bisque, a free point in a handicap real tennis match Bisque, when a number of unpaired MPs in the United Kingdom may be allowed to be absent—at specified times on a rota basis—from votes in the Houses of Parliament
first ocurrence using the term "Bisque"
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first ocurrence using the term "Bisque"